Even though I had always loved to write,
something clicked when I moved to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Perhaps it was timing. I had just had a baby, was working part-time as a contractor, and growing a little bleary-eyed (and possibly loosing brain cells) with Dora the Explorer and The Wiggles.

But, being a romantic, I’d like to believe it had something to do this place—with the energy from the two rivers and the swirl or vortex they create beneath two spectacular mountain heights. I was inspired to write. And by luck or fate, I found a job that allowed me to write.

My short story "Charity Case" was published by SNReview in 2008. This story is very loosely based on the little town of Halltown, which I drive through every day. Here a young girl tries to revel in the gifts of a mysterious benefactor despite her parents' anger and shame of a life of poverty.

My first novel, In Silent Company, is being queried to agents. This piece of fiction is set in quaint, real Shepherdstown, West Virginia. I love Shepherdstown as much as I love Harpers Ferry. Steeped in history, its streets and stately old estates provide endless inspiration for a story teller like me. My family attends church here; my daughter dances here. I encourage anyone passing through Harpers Ferry to make a stop in Shepherdstown.

To read a bit more about In Silent Company and view a slide show that depicts the setting and mood of the story, click, click here.