September Suspense: Lincoln's Union in Peril (Antietam Rest Publishing, 2012) by Dennis E. Frye

After our successful collaboration on Harpers Ferry Under Fire, I was honored that Dennis Frye asked me to help edit his next book project. As an amateur Civil War buff, I was thrilled to once again “work” on a project that was fascinating, profound, and emotionally engaging.

From the book jacket:

In September Suspense, Dennis Frye, chief historian at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, draws from a voluminous cache of period newspapers to expertly demonstrate just how fragile the national bond had become by the autumn of 1862.

It was the nation’s and Mr. Lincoln’s most trying month, as Gen. Robert E. Lee invaded Union soil, panicking entire cities, destroying fragile political alliances and causing all of the North to rethink the fight and question whether it was best to redouble its war efforts or give up and let the South pursue its own course. For three weeks in September, the air was electric, nerves were at the breaking point and the whole of the North held its breath.


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